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The Project

Muslim Military Stories is a series of short documentary films about Muslim Americans who have served in the United States Armed Forces. The project profiles a diverse group of men and women – immigrants, converts, and American-born Muslims – who have volunteered to protect the United States and uphold its Constitution. Through their stories, we explore universal themes, such as faith, patriotism, and citizenship that all viewers, regardless of background, can understand.  By showing the contributions of Muslim American military personnel, the project aims to counter negative stereotypes, foster understanding, and contribute to healing during a moment of great social tension. Muslim Military Stories will be distributed online via our digital media and non-profit partners. Producer David Washburn has collaborated with Muslim American and veteran participants on a number of film projects. Most recently, he produced An American Mosque, a documentary about a hate-crime that destroyed a mosque in California and the interfaith healing that followed the fire. It was broadcast on PBS nationwide (2014-16) and selected as part of the US State Department’s film diplomacy program, American Film Showcase. Last year, he edited the feature documentary, Finally A Voice, about Vietnam veterans organizing for fair treatment. His current work is supported by the California Humanities, Massachusetts Humanities, and the Hartley Film Foundation, among others. Contact


Tian did not tell the Navy he was Muslim until he was ready. How was his religion viewed by fellow sailors?